Wynn's Daylily Garden

Wynn's Daylily Garden is an old fashioned, family run business.  Owned and operated by Gene & Mary Wynn along with the help of our daughters Jessica & Mandi, our sons-in-law Barry & Jason, and our grandchildren Sonja, Kenley, Maddi, & Barrett. 

Our daylily obsession caught fire in May of 2000 with a visit to Wimberlyway Gardens in Gainesville, Florida.  At this time, we had the privilege of meeting Betty & Joe Hudson and Doug Hyers who became fast friends!  This visit was the first of MANY  to Wimberlyway.  On these excursions, we had the opportunity to ask as many questions as we could fathom, learn as much as we could absorb, and to make friends that would always be remembered!  This is also when we fell in love with the work of the late, great, Bill Munson.  In the beginning, we started with around 300 Munson cultivars, which as since been narrowed down as we brought many different hybridizer's plants into our garden.

Along the way, we have branched out to many other hybridizers and now have around 1000 different cultivars growing in our garden.  We have the largest selection of Registered Daylilies in North Central Florida.  In the fall of each year, we dig, divide, and pot from our beds into 2 gallon pots which will be for sale here in our garden each spring.  We start each spring with 3000+ potted daylilies for sale for our local customers. We also line out plants here that we sell online and on the lily auction throughout the year.

We are members of the American Hemerocallis Society, are active in the Valdosta Daylily Club in Region 5 and the Lake City Daylily Society in Region 12.  We are also recognized as an AHS Display Garden.

We love daylilies, we love growing daylilies, and we love the smile that our garden brings to the faces of everyone who visits.  Daylily friends truly are the best!!