CREAM CHEESE FLUFFS (J. CLINARD 14)  6.5" 26" Scape, TET, Ev, EM, Re, Very Fragrant.  Pale Yellow with lighter midribs, recurved petals, and a yellow green throat.  Another great performer, and just blooms like crazy.  Huge ruffled blooms.  If yellow is your color, this one is for you!  Named for my Aunt Mary Grace's signature treat, Cream Cheese Fluffs is sure to please.  YUMMY!!

(Clemenceaux X God Alone)

EVA ROEBUCK (J. CLINARD 14) 8.5", 23" Scapes, TET, Ev, E, Re.  Large Pink with lavender to magenta eye and triple edge of magenta, lavender and gold with a yellow to green throat.  My Daddy was the youngest of 5 farm boys and helped my Granny and Great Grandmother with their plants before he was ever big enough to go to the fields.  This one is named for the little lady responsible for all of this gardening madness, my Great Grandmother, Eva Roebuck.

(Spacecoast Gold Bonanza X Julie Newmar)

HEARD IT THRU THE GRAPEVINE (CLINARD 16)  5.5" , 34" scapes, TET, E, Ev, Re.  Violet purple with small darker purple eye, a small green throat and thin silver white edge.  Deliciously tall and grapey!!

(Vintner's Treasure X Laughing Skies)

Wynn's Daylily Garden

COTTON CANDY SUNSET (CLINARD 16)  5", 32" scapes, TET, EM, Ev, Re.  Rose pink with light pink sepals, eye of light lavender to darker lavender to magenta with thin matching edge and lime green throat.  Nothing better than a southern sky at sunset. All the beautiful clouds and colors, looks just like cotton candy!!

​(Time Drifter X Big Navy)

BLACKBERRY QUEEN (J. CLINARD 14) 7", 28" Scape, TET, Ev, E, Re, Very Fragrant.  Cream base with purple eye and matching edge lined in gold with a lime green throat.  I have had a difficult time registering anything since this was introduced.  It is, by far, the best plant I will ever introduce!  Great bud count and branching.  Reblooms like crazy.  Great plant habit and just an all around top performer!  Named for my Sonja Mae, who is a pageant girl and a real life Blackberry Queen.  ENJOY! 

​(Spacecoast Gold Bonanza X Julie Newmar)

BIG JIM WALLACE (CLINARD 16) 5.5", 28" scapes, TET, Ev, Re. Bold Ruby red with triangular yellow to green throat and yellow gold sawtooth edge.  My husband chose the name for this daylily to honor a wonderful man who helped to shape his life.  We lost Jim Wallace way too early, and love him dearly!!  

(Violet Becomes You X Unknown)